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I had my first ever chiropractic visit today and they are absolutely amazing. Not only do they provide excellent care to their patients but they're also very friendly. They took X-rays and adjusted my back and sent me home until I go back tomorrow. They called later this evening to check on me. They go above and beyond for their patients.
— Brittany H.
I have been a patient for years. Started when I was public working and walking on concrete floors all day. Good shoes and support hose didn't help my aching feet and legs. Started going to Lillington Family Chiropractic and have continued even thought I'm retired. My body can tell when its time for my regular adjustment. 
— Judith O.
Absolutely outstanding service and professionalism. So thankful for the doctors and their knowledge; they even called after my first appointment to check up on me!! Highly recommended :)
— Jamie K.
Awesome doctor. Believes and takes pride in their work. Up to date in newest technology and skills. Family friendly feel of office.
Karen Thompson Faircloth
I just love everyone in the office they are all so sweet and are always accommodating. Thank you for making me feel better this week!
Bella East
The doctor in town...the staff is delightful and I do not know how I would survive without them. 
Celia Snipes